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Start your day off right with these lovely breakfast ideas! In the air fryer, they’re easy enough for even unexperienced cooks.

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Air Fryer Fried Eggs

Say hello to easy, mess-free mornings with this Air Fryer Fried Eggs recipe. Whether you[read more...]

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Easy Air Fryer Frozen Biscuits Recipe

Making Air Fryer Frozen Biscuits is a simple and quick way to get fluffy and[read more...]

Air Fryer Frozen Hash Brown Patties

Air Fryer Frozen Hash Brown Patties are a popular breakfast staple that are so easy[read more...]

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Air Fryer Cranberry Turnovers

These Air Fryer Cranberry Turnovers have a deliciously crunchy puff pastry shell with a delicious[read more...]

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Air Fryer Apple Turnovers

These Air Fryer Apple Turnovers have a deliciously crunchy puff pastry shell with a warm[read more...]

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Air Fryer Frozen Waffles

It’s so simple to make air fryer frozen waffles that you don’t even need to[read more...]

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Simple Air Fryer Sausage Patties

These air fryer sausage patties are super quick to make in the air fryer. Breakfast[read more...]

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Can You Toast Bread in an Air Fryer?

Many people wonder can you toast bread in an air fryer? The answer is yes,[read more...]


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Easy Homemade Air Fryer Biscuits

These Easy Homemade Air Fryer Biscuits are really quick to make and they bake up[read more...]


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Easy Air Fryer Scrambled Eggs

These easy Air Fryer Scrambled Eggs are just another way to get your day started[read more...]

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Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs

These Air Fryer Hard Boiled Eggs aren’t really boiled, but they turn out just as perfect[read more...]

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Air Fryer Egg in a Hole

This beloved breakfast dish is called by so many names. But no matter what you[read more...]


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Air Fryer Egg Bites

Air fryer egg bites are the breakfast you’ve been looking for. They are tasty, quick,[read more...]


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Air Fryer Hash Browns (Frozen or Homemade)

Air Fryer Hash Browns are a popular breakfast staple that are delicious, quick, crispy made[read more...]

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Easy Air Fryer Baked Apples

Air Fryer Baked Apples pack all the delicious flavors of fall – apples, cinnamon, nutmeg[read more...]

33 Air Fryer Breakfast Recipes

This post was originally published on A Food Lover’s Kitchen. The air fryer isn’t just[read more...]


Air Fryer Cinnamon Rolls (from frozen or fresh)

You can make air fryer cinnamon rolls from frozen or fresh, store bought or with[read more...]