Why is Everyone So Crazy About Air Fryers?

There are so many reasons! But it’s mostly because this simple kitchen appliance cooks just about anything, way faster than the oven, with less mess, and all the great crunch of deep frying without the oil. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Not only does it cook food fast, it’s also very hands-off. This means that you can come home, put your dinner in the air fryer, turn it on, and then focus your attention on something else until it’s done. You can even cook ingredients from frozen.

If you don’t have one already, you’ll be surprised at what the air fryer can do. You won’t need to use your oven any more once you start using it.

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How Does the Air Fryer Work?

An air fryer contains a heating coil and a fan. It simultaneously heats to a high degree and circulates hot air around the exterior of the food, much like a fan oven, and crisps up the exterior, while cooking the food to the perfect internal temperature.

You might think the air fryer is just a substitute for a deep fryer, but it can cook anything, from breakfast to potatoes – even a whole chicken!


The biggest reason to buy an air fryer is to achieve the same affect as a deep fryer, but in a much healthier manner. However, there are many other great reasons to use an air fryer for cooking at home.

Here are a few of the main reasons you might consider buying an air fryer.

1. Less Mess

With a deep fryer, you have to change the oil regularly, and clean the greasy, grimy interior. Not to mention that while cooking, the oil often splatters around the kitchen.

2. It’s Healthier Than Deep Frying

Deep frying your food can add an incredibly amount of calories and fat to the final product. Plus, many oils used for deep frying are unhealthy and high in trans fats.

3. It’s Economical

For around $70, you can get a very good air fryer that allows you to do a lot of different types of cooking at home, in one appliance, so you don’t have to run the oven.

4. It’s Time Efficient

The air fryer has saved us an incredible amount of time. It doesn’t require a lengthy preheating time and it takes way less time to cook food than it takes in the oven.

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